Why this Matters

Efficacy is related to the amount of time your hearing protection is used An uncomfortable or cumbersome hearing protection device with lack of communication capabilities is useless.

Indeed, each removal of a hearing protector decreases its efficacy. A product offering 30dB of noise reduction when worn 100% of exposure time (8h), will lose the equivalent of 7dB if removed for 1 minute only.

The same earplug, if worn half of the time, will offer only 3dB of noise reduction: In other words – Nothing!

5 Million

5 Million people are exposed to loud noise in Australia Alone


of European employees have hearing impairment due to occupational noise


of Australian have some form of hearing loss


of veterans have hearing loss & tinnitus

Who We Are At SonoLab Australian and New Zealand

SonoLab hearing protection is truly a unique product combining the proven superior performance of custom hearing protection with the convenience of a Do-It-Yourself fitting system.
The Biggest Leap in Personal Hearing Protection to Date

Everyone agrees that hearing loss due to noise is a serious occupational hazard for all workers and professionals exposed to high sound. With the ears as distinctive as fingerprints, Sonolab proves that only hearing protectors custom molded to the shape of your ears, can give you the filter or total protection you require – comfortably, effectively and with easy of use.

This patented system consists of a RollBar headband for single use with integrated molding pumps that are filled with a silicone compound of a medical category and ready to fill expandable earmolds.

This means that with sonomax you instantly get the perfect fit , giving the perfect protection for your ears

  • Percentage of correct fits with standard ear plugs
  • approval percentage of users of SonoLab Self Fit Ear Plugs
  • Percentage of your day to fit SonoLab Ear Plugs
  • Decreased Rework From Misunderstood Instruction After Using SonoLab Ear

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